Disney Movies Obsession With Death Dying And Killing – 2010-2013

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From the previous page, here is the Resurgence of Disney (2010-now).

And yes, if you haven’t seen any of these films and are still looking forward to seeing them, take this as a SPOILER ALERT.

Tangled (2010)


Believing he is about to die, Flynn tells Rapunzel his real name: Eugene Fitzherbert. Rapunzel admits her hair glows when she sings.


Flynn is arrested and sentenced to death, but is rescued by Maximus and the Gaul thugs from the inn. Flynn races back to the tower and finds Rapunzel chained to the wall and gagged. Gothel fatally stabs him with a knife. Rapunzel agrees to be Gothel’s willing prisoner if she is allowed to heal Flynn. However, Flynn uses a shard of glass to cut all of Rapunzel’s hair short, causing it to lose its power and a horrified Gothel to rapidly age to death and turn to dust. With his last breath, Flynn declares his love for Rapunzel. He dies, leaving a heartbroken Rapunzel to cry, singing the healing song.then realises they can use the light from her hair to find a way out.

Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

Calhoun remarks that the game cannot be saved without a beacon to attract and kill the Cy-Bugs.

Frozen (2013)


When the girls are teenagers, their parents die at sea during a storm.


Hans confronts Elsa and tells her Anna is dead because of her. In Elsa’s despair, the storm suddenly ceases, giving Kristoff and Anna the chance to reach each other. However Anna, seeing that Hans is about to kill Elsa, decides to throw herself between the two and subsequently freezes solid, blocking the blow.

Note: All of the plot lines shown in italics have been sourced from Wikipedia or DisneyWiki and reproduced under the Fair Use agreement.

All posters were sourced from Commons and are the copyright of The Walt Disney Company, commonly known as Disney.

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